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Unemployable provides actionable strategies for thousands of freelancers, consultants, coaches, and entrepreneurs. Brian Clark is an entrepreneur who has started eight successful businesses, and he draws upon his own evolution from solo to CEO to deliver valuable lessons and impactful interviews. Notable guests include Seth Godin, Dan Pink, Jenny Blake, Tim Ferriss, Henry Rollins, Laura Roeder, Michael Stelzner, Chris Brogan, Emily Thompson, Darren Rowse, Andrew Warner, John Lee Dumas, Kathleen Shannon, and Gary Vaynerchuk.


  • Jim MacLeod's Unique Strategy for Differentiating His Curated Newsletter

    23/02/2022 Duración: 51min

    Jim MacLeod has spent his career helping companies design effective and goal-oriented digital experiences. He did it as a freelancer, and he does it today as the VP of Marketing for Digital Experience and Design for EBSCO. Now he is using that experience and wisdom to turn the traditional curated email newsletter on its head.We don't often think about design as an area ripe with differentiation possibilities for the curated newsletter, and yet Jim is proving that it absolutely can be.In this edition of 7-Figure Small, we dive into Jim's strategy with his Marketing Podcast Recap newsletter, and he shares some of the most important lessons about web design and digital experience that he's learned over the past two decades.We also discuss why he's going to CEX this May and what he hopes to get out of the experience.To connect with Jim, follow him on Twitter (@JimMacleod).You can subscribe to Marketing Podcast Recap newsletter here: https://jimmacleod.substack.com/To learn more about CEX and get your Early Bird t

  • Lessons From the Married Couple That Built a Hyperlocal Powerhouse

    16/02/2022 Duración: 01h13min

    This week Jerod is joined by Scott Ellis and Wendi McGowan-Ellis, the husband-and-wife team that built one of the most successful hyperlocal websites of all time: Lifestyle Frisco. And they’re not just 7-Figure Small powerhouses together, they’ve both launched impressive projects on their own as well – Wendi with a productized podcast and strategy service for successful female entrepreneurs, and Scott with a software product for doctors and his own newsletter for online entrepreneurs. In this conversation, we get the background and lessons learned from these projects. We also discuss the benefits and challenges of working together as a married couple, especially when working from home. To connect with Scott, visit his website and subscribe to his newsletter: vsellis.comTo connect with Wendi, visit wendistry.com or follow her on Twitter @wendistry.To learn more about CEX and get your Early Bird tickets, go to cex.events.

  • How Kelly Berry Melds Old School Tactics with Cutting Edge Strategies

    09/02/2022 Duración: 01h01min

    Kelly Berry is a serial entrepreneur whose list of credentials and accomplishments is impressive:She is the founder of ResourceAbility and Learn Start Grow, a trained and licensed CEO peer group facilitator, and was named Western Wisconsin Businesswoman of the Year in 2018. She’s also a mom of two kids — a role which turned out to be pivotal in convincing her to leave the corporate world to start her own online business for the freedom and flexibility she desired. (Sound familiar?)Kelly is a member of the Unemployable Initiative, our private community for freelancers and entrepreneurs who are building 6- and 7-figure audience-based businesses, and she is consistently one of the most thoughtful and helpful members of the community. In this edition of 7-Figure Small, Kelly shares insights and wisdom acquired along her journey from corporate employee to client-based freelancer to audience-building community leader and peer group facilitator.We discuss:• Why Kelly is looking forward to attending Creator Economy E

  • The Inside Story of Creator Economy Expo (CEX)

    13/12/2021 Duración: 49min

    Let's talk about CEX.Last week, Brian Clark and Joe Pulizzi announced that they are joining forces to host a first-of-its-kind event for creators and content entrepreneurs. It's called Creator Economy Expo (CEX), and it will take place May 2-4 at the Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix, Arizona.This week on 7-Figure Small, Joe is back. You may recall his last appearance on the show, which included a discussion about his creator coin $TILT that helped spur us in a similar direction, launching $MOVE a couple months later. In this episode, Joe and Brian share the story of how CEX came to be, who it serves, and why they decide to partner up.It's a moment more than a decade in the making for two entrepreneurs who have carved out successful 8-figure personal enterprises serving a similar audience. Now their "co-opetition" has morphed into a full-fledged partnership resulting in the first live, in-person conference dedicated to combining the fundamentals of audience building online business with the emerging trends and

  • Why Being 'Unemployable' Does Not Mean Being Unattached

    08/12/2021 Duración: 58min

    When we think about and discuss the concept of being “unemployable,” it’s easy to conflate that with being alone. Consider the title of Paul Jarvis’ seminal book on the subject: Company of One.Even the headline on the unemployable homepage right now – "No Investors, No Employees, Big Profits" – can be taken, at a quick glance, to suggest building on your own. But the reality is that for the vast majority of unemployables, trying to navigate an increasingly complex web of tools, opportunities, and competition is more successfully done together than separately. Whether it’s a content collective you join, an educational community you’re a part of, or even a partnership that you enter into, you can get the most important parts of being unemployable (freedom, flexibility, and financial independence) while mitigating the biggest downsides (lack of support, loneliness, risk).And this week, we explore this idea with two individuals who have built successful unemployable careers while proving that being unemployable d

  • 7 Essential Do's & Don'ts for a Successful Web 3.0 Experience

    01/12/2021 Duración: 01h16min

    We’ve spent a lot of time on the podcast over the last few months discussing the emergence of web 3.0.This includes analyzing the technologies that are enabling web 3.0 and analyzing what they mean for the future of audience building, community building, and the kind of content entrepreneurship and personal enterprise building that so many 7-Figure Small listeners are working toward.This week, Jerod shares some advice that will be useful to anyone involved in web 3.0, whether you’re just dabbling in it for the first time or already down the rabbit hole.In this episode, we present a series of "Do's and Don’ts" that will help you to seize the many opportunities that are present here in the still-early days of this transition while helping you avoid the many potholes and pitfalls in what is still fair to call the wild, wild, west of web3.And here to help Jerod is yet another member of the Unemployable Initiative, Josh Risser. In addition to his growing experience in web 3.0, Josh has built a successful freelance

  • The Enduring Power of Being Helpful

    17/11/2021 Duración: 01h05min

    We launched the 7-Figure Small podcast last year as a natural evolution of the unemployable concept. The big idea, as stated right there in the podcast description, was to share compelling stories and actionable strategies for creative freelancers and entrepreneurs looking to live the "7-Figure Small" lifestyle.And we’ve done that. But things in our world have changed quite a bit over the last 18-24 months, and that change has been reflected in the content here on the podcast.Web 3.0 has come hurtling down the tracks like a freight train, seeming to pick up speed every day as the tools empowered by blockchain technology -- like creator coins, NFTs, and DAOs -- become more and more accessible. In turn, the stories and actionable strategies we’re sharing have changed, by necessity. It even led to the creation of a new educational community, Future Freedom, which you can -- and should -- learn more about over at futurefreedom.com. In fact, when you go there, you can enter your email address to get a free email c

  • How to Prepare Your Mind for the Metaverse

    10/11/2021 Duración: 54min

    We’ve spent a lot of time over the last few months discussing web 3.0, the emerging and converging technologies that are creating it, and how these trends will impact the strategies and tactics we choose as audience-building entrepreneurs.If you missed any of our recent podcasts episodes on web 3.0, make sure you to dip into the recent archive to get caught up.And if you want to go deeper on the keys to succeeding in the creator economy and web 3.0, go to futurefreedom.com and sign up for Brian Clark’s free email course, where you’ll get his latest thinking on how to build an exceptional business and lifestyle by embracing change instead of dreading it.This week, we resume talking about web 3.0 and the metaverse, and all that those terms encompass, but in a slightly different context.Our guest this week is Mich Bondesio, an expert on business performance. She has spent years helping business leaders improve performance, enhance their creativity, boost their productivity and build a healthier work culture.She

  • What It's Really Like to Be a Digital Nomad

    03/11/2021 Duración: 53min

    What exactly is a “digital nomad?”Here’s one potential definition:Explorer, Traffic & Website Builder, Always Striving to Be & Do Better. Driven by continuous exploration. Personally, professionally, and as a full-time nomad. At home in Canada & the USA but consider myself a citizen of the world.That’s the headline and description from one of our member profiles inside of the Unemployable Initiative — a member who certainly considers herself to be a digital nomad.It’s a concept we’ve discussed here on the 7-Figure Small podcast. And we’ve certainly discussed it over at Future Freedom. In fact, if you go to futurefreedom.com and register for the free email course, one of the lessons you’ll receive is about how to “unretire” and travel the world.But my hunch is that while many folks striving to build a personal enterprise are intrigued by the idea of being a digital nomad, it’s a concept that remains pretty abstract in most people’s minds.It’s aspirational, and it makes for compelling social media p

  • Jack Butcher on Web 3.0 Courses, Commerce, and Community

    27/10/2021 Duración: 56min

    Jack Butcher is proof that new voices can come along and quickly build a 7-figure small business with an online audience. And then also parlay that initial success into the next iteration of their own personal enterprise.Of course, people only see the so-called “overnight success” and not the longer path that made it possible. Like so many others, Jack didn’t just jump into online courses. He paid his dues developing industry expertise, worked one-on-one with clients to test his ideas, and only then did he launch scalable courses that brought him over a million in revenue.And now, thanks to the unique visual aspects of the brand Jack built that was bigger than himself, he’s able to capitalize on the biggest digital trend of 2021 -- NFTs. It all comes down to the audience he started with, and how his biggest fans constitute something more in the form of community. Listen in to hear how Jack’s journey played out.***If you’re interested in gaining more guidance on building your own personal enterprise in the cre

  • Web 3.0 is People

    20/10/2021 Duración: 54min

    Technology is driving change and the evolution of the web.That's what we discussed in recent episodes about blockchain, creator coins, NFTs, and smart contracts and DAOs. But what really matters, beyond the shiny newness and seemingly infinite possibilities of the tech, is the people.Specifically, how the unchanging fundamentals of human nature operate in the context this new technology creates.Because as Brian is fond of saying, “Technology doesn’t change human nature, it amplifies it.” What will that mean in web 3.0? We explore in this week's episode.• Why “community” is so much more than just a buzzword.• Five fundamentals of human nature that matter in a web 3.0 context.• Does audience still matter?• Does audience size still matter?• How the Personal Enterprise fits into this rapidly evolving context• The 3 models for building a successful web 3.0 enterprise: Leader, Joiner, Collaboration.• If 2021 was the Year of the NFT, 2022 will be the Year of the ___ ?Links:• http://movecoin.net/• http://futurefreedo

  • CryptoDads Case Study: NFTs as the Catalyst for Community Commerce and Beyond

    06/10/2021 Duración: 52min

    As we discussed on a recent episode of 7-Figure Small, the use cases and utility for NFTs go so far beyond just getting a cartoon image to use as a profile picture.This is actually the biggest mistake that many people new to learning about NFTs make when they see the exorbitant amounts of money that projects like Crypto Punks and the Bored Ape Yacht Club sell for. They assume it’s about the artwork, when that’s merely the top layer.What really matters is everything going on beneath the surface in these super-exclusive communities that provide real benefits to their members.Because that’s really what someone is buying when they purchase such an NFT: yes, they’re getting a unique jpeg that can signal social capital and even convey valuable IP rights; but more importantly they are getting entry and access into an online space that can provide networking, camaraderie, purpose, opportunity, fun, giveaways, and even collective revenue streams.And sometimes, it’s not the community that comes first; it’s the NFT proj

  • Smart Contracts and DAOs: The Collaboration Code

    22/09/2021 Duración: 56min

    We began this series by talking about blockchain, then followed it up with two episodes on emerging applications built on top of blockchains — creator coins and NFTs.This week, we discuss the intermediate layer between the blockchain and those applications, which make them possible: smart contracts.• What a smart contract is and does• The legalities of smart contracts• Examples of smart contracts• How smart contracts led to the rise of Ethereum• How smart contracts can revolutionize the way freelancers work and get paidThen we tackle another emerging application that smart contracts empower — DAOs.• What is a DAO? What does it do?• How access to a DAO is granted• The legalities of DAOs• Examples of DAOs — from the wild and esoteric to the remarkably practical• The future of DAOs and how they will impact online communitiesAll that and more on this edition of 7-Figure Small.Links:• $MOVE coin: http://movecoin.net• Future Freedom: http://futurefreedom.com

  • NFTs: What They Are, Where They’re At, and Where They’re Going

    15/09/2021 Duración: 01h03min

    This is the second episode in our series on the applications that will be built on top of blockchains and change the way we live, work, and interact.Last we discussed creator coins. This week, we're discussing the other kind of social token: NFTs.By now you've probably heard of NFTs. You may even know that NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. But if you're like most people, you're still trying to figure out exactly what that means … and why on earth people would spend thousands (even millions!) of dollars on a jpeg.The reality is that your current view of NFTs is likely colored by the content you're consuming about them. If all you've read are the crazy headlines or “old man yells at clouds” dismissals, then you probably have an overly simplistic understanding of what NFTs are and the many layers of utility they can provide to holders and creators.In this episode, we dive deep to give you the 360-degree view of NFTs.Yes, there is some silliness, maybe even a speculative bubble, in the current NFT market. But th

  • Creator Coins: A Value Multiplier for Community Commerce

    08/09/2021 Duración: 47min

    Last week, we returned with a discussion about blockchain and decentralization. That episode set the stage for the series of episodes we're beginning this week, which dive deep into what really matters: the useful applications that will be built on top of blockchains and change the way we live, work, and interact.  Let's start with creator coins -- of which we have our own, $MOVE (http://movecoin.net)If you've been paying attention, you probably understand creator coins in broad strokes. They are branded digital currencies. Okay, but what does that really mean? • How is a creator coin actually a real "currency"?• How are they used?• How do the holders of creator coins benefit?• How do the creators benefit?• Do creator coins replace $USD?• Can they work together?• How do you get one of your own?• What makes the Rally ecosystem, where we host $MOVE coin, better than the other current options?This week, we answer all of those questions and more ... before the episode really takes a wild turn at the end.Plus, sti

  • Blockchain: The Foundation of Web 3.0

    01/09/2021 Duración: 47min

    These days, blockchain and cryptocurrencies are most often referenced when the decentralized web is discussed. But blockchain is really only one aspect of Web 3.0 (although a really important foundational one). Web 3.0 will involve the convergence of:• Spatial technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality• Physical access points via the internet of things, wearables, and robotics• Cognitive aspects such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, and• Distributed technologies like blockchain, distributed ledgers, and edge computing.In this episode of 7-Figure Small, we touch on the impact that all of these elements will have on the development of Web 3.0 before settling in to focus on blockchain. Our blockchain discussion explores the following topics:• What is "decentralization"?• How does blockchain technology facilitate decentralization?• What does Bitcoin have to do with it?• What industries are being most acutely impacted?• And how is this affecting content entrepreneurs?Then we end with a

  • How Nerd Fitness Succeeds with Intersectional Positioning

    21/05/2021 Duración: 01h04min

    We’ve talked a lot about positioning on this show. In a crowded content ecosystem, you can’t just publish general content for a general audience and expect any response other than general indifference. You have to position yourself and your content so that you matter in a particular way to a particular group of people.And as the Internet landscape gets more advanced, with more content options available, even a single level of positioning isn’t enough. For example, you can’t just be “fitness” and expect to make a dent. Or you can’t just target nerd culture and expert to be heard above the noise.But what if you combine two seemingly unrelated niches into one? Now, instead of struggling to be heard by the masses at the edges of the Venn Diagram, you can really matter to the people at the intersection in the middle.And that’s exactly what Steve Kamb did when he created Nerd Fitness. It's also what Brian Clark did with Copyblogger. And today, we’re going to discuss how Steve and Brian have succeeded with intersect

  • Joe Pulizzi on NFTs and Building Your Personal Content Empire

    13/05/2021 Duración: 01h15min

    With Joe Pulizzi in the house, could we be talking about anything other than content? Come on. This is the founder of Content Marketing Institute and author of the soon-to-be-rereleased Content, Inc. that we're talking about here. Content is Joe’s brand.But not content for content’s sake. If you are still clinging to the idea that “content is king,” you need to disabuse yourself of that notion immediately.Content is not king. The right content, in the right context, for the right people, and within the confines of the right business model — that’s your winning combo.It’s how you go from a dime-a-dozen online content creator to a true content entrepreneur — someone who serves an audience on the way toward building a 7-Figure Small business, a personal enterprise, or whatever else gives you the lifestyle and freedom you desire.This week, we learn from Joe’s experience and wisdom in this area, and the new frontier he's blazing by incorporating crypto and NFTs into his new project, The Tilt.Oh, and Brian may know

  • Paul Jarvis on Building a Personal Enterprise While Ditching the Personal Brand

    06/05/2021 Duración: 01h06min

    This week, we continue with the themes from the past couple of weeks: building a personal enterprise and the growing trend of unretirement.The question is: where does building a personal brand play into all of this?Do you need to build a personal brand to build a personal enterprise? Are they the same thing? (No.)Do you need it at the beginning in our social media-conscious world, but are you then able to ditch it later once the demands of a personal brand are no longer necessary to serve the ends of the enterprise?There aren’t many people more qualified to discuss this topic than Brian Clark and Paul Jarvis. Both have built successful personal enterprises, each without leaning fully into the personal brand focus that so many online-based entrepreneurs focus on.What can we learn from their examples and experiences? In this episode, we find out.We also discuss two meaty headlines — the controversy at Basecamp and the trouble with entrepreneurship culture — and answer some listener questions.• Breaking Camp by

  • What’s Your Unretirement Plan?

    28/04/2021 Duración: 35min

    The "unretirement" trend started with bored retired people going back to work.Then it became a planning mechanism for those nearing retirement to set up their next thing.Now, it’s applied to anyone who thinks it's ridiculous to do something you hate just so you can retire by a predetermined age. Why not just start living the life you want now ... and then keep going with it?That is the topic of this week's discussion on 7-Figure Small. Brian Clark delves into what unretirement is, the societal and technological trends that are converging to make it more necessity than option, and some surprising statistics about the future of the digital nomad lifestyle.And, of course, how the personal enterprise plays into it all.

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