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Creator Coins: A Value Multiplier for Community Commerce



Last week, we returned with a discussion about blockchain and decentralization. That episode set the stage for the series of episodes we're beginning this week, which dive deep into what really matters: the useful applications that will be built on top of blockchains and change the way we live, work, and interact.  Let's start with creator coins -- of which we have our own, $MOVE (http://movecoin.net)If you've been paying attention, you probably understand creator coins in broad strokes. They are branded digital currencies. Okay, but what does that really mean? • How is a creator coin actually a real "currency"?• How are they used?• How do the holders of creator coins benefit?• How do the creators benefit?• Do creator coins replace $USD?• Can they work together?• How do you get one of your own?• What makes the Rally ecosystem, where we host $MOVE coin, better than the other current options?This week, we answer all of those questions and more ... before the episode really takes a wild turn at the end.Plus, sti