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Jim MacLeod's Unique Strategy for Differentiating His Curated Newsletter



Jim MacLeod has spent his career helping companies design effective and goal-oriented digital experiences. He did it as a freelancer, and he does it today as the VP of Marketing for Digital Experience and Design for EBSCO. Now he is using that experience and wisdom to turn the traditional curated email newsletter on its head.We don't often think about design as an area ripe with differentiation possibilities for the curated newsletter, and yet Jim is proving that it absolutely can be.In this edition of 7-Figure Small, we dive into Jim's strategy with his Marketing Podcast Recap newsletter, and he shares some of the most important lessons about web design and digital experience that he's learned over the past two decades.We also discuss why he's going to CEX this May and what he hopes to get out of the experience.To connect with Jim, follow him on Twitter (@JimMacleod).You can subscribe to Marketing Podcast Recap newsletter here: https://jimmacleod.substack.com/To learn more about CEX and get your Early Bird t