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Jack Butcher on Web 3.0 Courses, Commerce, and Community



Jack Butcher is proof that new voices can come along and quickly build a 7-figure small business with an online audience. And then also parlay that initial success into the next iteration of their own personal enterprise.Of course, people only see the so-called “overnight success” and not the longer path that made it possible. Like so many others, Jack didn’t just jump into online courses. He paid his dues developing industry expertise, worked one-on-one with clients to test his ideas, and only then did he launch scalable courses that brought him over a million in revenue.And now, thanks to the unique visual aspects of the brand Jack built that was bigger than himself, he’s able to capitalize on the biggest digital trend of 2021 -- NFTs. It all comes down to the audience he started with, and how his biggest fans constitute something more in the form of community. Listen in to hear how Jack’s journey played out.***If you’re interested in gaining more guidance on building your own personal enterprise in the cre