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Joe Pulizzi on NFTs and Building Your Personal Content Empire



With Joe Pulizzi in the house, could we be talking about anything other than content? Come on. This is the founder of Content Marketing Institute and author of the soon-to-be-rereleased Content, Inc. that we're talking about here. Content is Joe’s brand.But not content for content’s sake. If you are still clinging to the idea that “content is king,” you need to disabuse yourself of that notion immediately.Content is not king. The right content, in the right context, for the right people, and within the confines of the right business model — that’s your winning combo.It’s how you go from a dime-a-dozen online content creator to a true content entrepreneur — someone who serves an audience on the way toward building a 7-Figure Small business, a personal enterprise, or whatever else gives you the lifestyle and freedom you desire.This week, we learn from Joe’s experience and wisdom in this area, and the new frontier he's blazing by incorporating crypto and NFTs into his new project, The Tilt.Oh, and Brian may know