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CryptoDads Case Study: NFTs as the Catalyst for Community Commerce and Beyond



As we discussed on a recent episode of 7-Figure Small, the use cases and utility for NFTs go so far beyond just getting a cartoon image to use as a profile picture.This is actually the biggest mistake that many people new to learning about NFTs make when they see the exorbitant amounts of money that projects like Crypto Punks and the Bored Ape Yacht Club sell for. They assume it’s about the artwork, when that’s merely the top layer.What really matters is everything going on beneath the surface in these super-exclusive communities that provide real benefits to their members.Because that’s really what someone is buying when they purchase such an NFT: yes, they’re getting a unique jpeg that can signal social capital and even convey valuable IP rights; but more importantly they are getting entry and access into an online space that can provide networking, camaraderie, purpose, opportunity, fun, giveaways, and even collective revenue streams.And sometimes, it’s not the community that comes first; it’s the NFT proj