Unemployable: Advice For Freelancers And Entrepreneurs

Why Being 'Unemployable' Does Not Mean Being Unattached



When we think about and discuss the concept of being “unemployable,” it’s easy to conflate that with being alone. Consider the title of Paul Jarvis’ seminal book on the subject: Company of One.Even the headline on the unemployable homepage right now – "No Investors, No Employees, Big Profits" – can be taken, at a quick glance, to suggest building on your own. But the reality is that for the vast majority of unemployables, trying to navigate an increasingly complex web of tools, opportunities, and competition is more successfully done together than separately. Whether it’s a content collective you join, an educational community you’re a part of, or even a partnership that you enter into, you can get the most important parts of being unemployable (freedom, flexibility, and financial independence) while mitigating the biggest downsides (lack of support, loneliness, risk).And this week, we explore this idea with two individuals who have built successful unemployable careers while proving that being unemployable d