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How Nerd Fitness Succeeds with Intersectional Positioning



We’ve talked a lot about positioning on this show. In a crowded content ecosystem, you can’t just publish general content for a general audience and expect any response other than general indifference. You have to position yourself and your content so that you matter in a particular way to a particular group of people.And as the Internet landscape gets more advanced, with more content options available, even a single level of positioning isn’t enough. For example, you can’t just be “fitness” and expect to make a dent. Or you can’t just target nerd culture and expert to be heard above the noise.But what if you combine two seemingly unrelated niches into one? Now, instead of struggling to be heard by the masses at the edges of the Venn Diagram, you can really matter to the people at the intersection in the middle.And that’s exactly what Steve Kamb did when he created Nerd Fitness. It's also what Brian Clark did with Copyblogger. And today, we’re going to discuss how Steve and Brian have succeeded with intersect