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7 Essential Do's & Don'ts for a Successful Web 3.0 Experience



We’ve spent a lot of time on the podcast over the last few months discussing the emergence of web 3.0.This includes analyzing the technologies that are enabling web 3.0 and analyzing what they mean for the future of audience building, community building, and the kind of content entrepreneurship and personal enterprise building that so many 7-Figure Small listeners are working toward.This week, Jerod shares some advice that will be useful to anyone involved in web 3.0, whether you’re just dabbling in it for the first time or already down the rabbit hole.In this episode, we present a series of "Do's and Don’ts" that will help you to seize the many opportunities that are present here in the still-early days of this transition while helping you avoid the many potholes and pitfalls in what is still fair to call the wild, wild, west of web3.And here to help Jerod is yet another member of the Unemployable Initiative, Josh Risser. In addition to his growing experience in web 3.0, Josh has built a successful freelance