Unemployable: Advice For Freelancers And Entrepreneurs

The Enduring Power of Being Helpful



We launched the 7-Figure Small podcast last year as a natural evolution of the unemployable concept. The big idea, as stated right there in the podcast description, was to share compelling stories and actionable strategies for creative freelancers and entrepreneurs looking to live the "7-Figure Small" lifestyle.And we’ve done that. But things in our world have changed quite a bit over the last 18-24 months, and that change has been reflected in the content here on the podcast.Web 3.0 has come hurtling down the tracks like a freight train, seeming to pick up speed every day as the tools empowered by blockchain technology -- like creator coins, NFTs, and DAOs -- become more and more accessible. In turn, the stories and actionable strategies we’re sharing have changed, by necessity. It even led to the creation of a new educational community, Future Freedom, which you can -- and should -- learn more about over at futurefreedom.com. In fact, when you go there, you can enter your email address to get a free email c