Unemployable: Advice For Freelancers And Entrepreneurs

Paul Jarvis on Building a Personal Enterprise While Ditching the Personal Brand



This week, we continue with the themes from the past couple of weeks: building a personal enterprise and the growing trend of unretirement.The question is: where does building a personal brand play into all of this?Do you need to build a personal brand to build a personal enterprise? Are they the same thing? (No.)Do you need it at the beginning in our social media-conscious world, but are you then able to ditch it later once the demands of a personal brand are no longer necessary to serve the ends of the enterprise?There aren’t many people more qualified to discuss this topic than Brian Clark and Paul Jarvis. Both have built successful personal enterprises, each without leaning fully into the personal brand focus that so many online-based entrepreneurs focus on.What can we learn from their examples and experiences? In this episode, we find out.We also discuss two meaty headlines — the controversy at Basecamp and the trouble with entrepreneurship culture — and answer some listener questions.• Breaking Camp by