Unemployable: Advice For Freelancers And Entrepreneurs

How to Prepare Your Mind for the Metaverse



We’ve spent a lot of time over the last few months discussing web 3.0, the emerging and converging technologies that are creating it, and how these trends will impact the strategies and tactics we choose as audience-building entrepreneurs.If you missed any of our recent podcasts episodes on web 3.0, make sure you to dip into the recent archive to get caught up.And if you want to go deeper on the keys to succeeding in the creator economy and web 3.0, go to futurefreedom.com and sign up for Brian Clark’s free email course, where you’ll get his latest thinking on how to build an exceptional business and lifestyle by embracing change instead of dreading it.This week, we resume talking about web 3.0 and the metaverse, and all that those terms encompass, but in a slightly different context.Our guest this week is Mich Bondesio, an expert on business performance. She has spent years helping business leaders improve performance, enhance their creativity, boost their productivity and build a healthier work culture.She