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Web 3.0 is People



Technology is driving change and the evolution of the web.That's what we discussed in recent episodes about blockchain, creator coins, NFTs, and smart contracts and DAOs. But what really matters, beyond the shiny newness and seemingly infinite possibilities of the tech, is the people.Specifically, how the unchanging fundamentals of human nature operate in the context this new technology creates.Because as Brian is fond of saying, “Technology doesn’t change human nature, it amplifies it.” What will that mean in web 3.0? We explore in this week's episode.• Why “community” is so much more than just a buzzword.• Five fundamentals of human nature that matter in a web 3.0 context.• Does audience still matter?• Does audience size still matter?• How the Personal Enterprise fits into this rapidly evolving context• The 3 models for building a successful web 3.0 enterprise: Leader, Joiner, Collaboration.• If 2021 was the Year of the NFT, 2022 will be the Year of the ___ ?Links:• http://movecoin.net/• http://futurefreedo