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Smart Contracts and DAOs: The Collaboration Code



We began this series by talking about blockchain, then followed it up with two episodes on emerging applications built on top of blockchains — creator coins and NFTs.This week, we discuss the intermediate layer between the blockchain and those applications, which make them possible: smart contracts.• What a smart contract is and does• The legalities of smart contracts• Examples of smart contracts• How smart contracts led to the rise of Ethereum• How smart contracts can revolutionize the way freelancers work and get paidThen we tackle another emerging application that smart contracts empower — DAOs.• What is a DAO? What does it do?• How access to a DAO is granted• The legalities of DAOs• Examples of DAOs — from the wild and esoteric to the remarkably practical• The future of DAOs and how they will impact online communitiesAll that and more on this edition of 7-Figure Small.Links:• $MOVE coin: http://movecoin.net• Future Freedom: http://futurefreedom.com