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Lessons From the Married Couple That Built a Hyperlocal Powerhouse



This week Jerod is joined by Scott Ellis and Wendi McGowan-Ellis, the husband-and-wife team that built one of the most successful hyperlocal websites of all time: Lifestyle Frisco. And they’re not just 7-Figure Small powerhouses together, they’ve both launched impressive projects on their own as well – Wendi with a productized podcast and strategy service for successful female entrepreneurs, and Scott with a software product for doctors and his own newsletter for online entrepreneurs. In this conversation, we get the background and lessons learned from these projects. We also discuss the benefits and challenges of working together as a married couple, especially when working from home. To connect with Scott, visit his website and subscribe to his newsletter: vsellis.comTo connect with Wendi, visit wendistry.com or follow her on Twitter @wendistry.To learn more about CEX and get your Early Bird tickets, go to cex.events.