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  • 701 | 1 minute advice on needing an accountability partner…


    I get asked a lot of questions about business Wanna know what the most requested question I get is about? Accountability. People tell me that they want someone to make them do it. I just got another one of these questions this morning and I haven't responded to them, because I thought I might be TOO harsh and I really needed to give myself time to calm down about it. The email said they would join the Freedom Club if I would personally hold their hand and make sure they did the work everyday. Really?! I'm finally ready to answer this accountability issue. If you're someone that really needs help getting motivated to start and keep working on a business that will completely change your life by making you location independent, in control of your time, a business that will provide for you and your family at the level of total freedom, here is my answer to you... Forget this dream and stay at your day job. Forget it. If you are an adult that needs another adult to keep you accountable to your dream

  • 700 | You’re weird, here’s how I know…


    I quit my job once and for all on October 15, 2004, 13 years ago this month. It was a six figure job with really good health insurance and all the trimmings, a job I could have kept for life. My wife (now ex-wife) and I moved from Los Angeles back to Salt Lake City, Utah because the cost of living was about 1/6th the price and our families were there. A couple months later, at a christmas party put on by my X's family, her sister was grilling me on why were were back. "Soooo... You quit your job and moved back to Salt Lake..." She said, it was more of a statement than a question. I answered anyway. "Yep." I said. "Didn't it take you like 12 years to get your "dream" job?" She used her fingers to make quote motions when she said the word dream. She had heard her sister talk about how hard I had worked for a job I had considered my dream job. "Ya." I said. "And you just quit...gave it all up?" She said with obvious confusion mixed with disgust. "Ya." I said. "Do you have another job?" S

  • 699 | 100’s of success stories…


    Time to pull another question from the email bag. My comments will follow... "I am curious to know the format of the learning materials. Are they self paced videos, are they guides and checklists similar to the Niche Profit Code? I'm also curious to know who your latest successful students are... I know Pat Flynn continues to have success – are all the other testimonial students still having success? I'm making a commitment to myself, and to you - I'm going to take the step of revisiting finding a niche, based on the Niche Profit Code material and steps. I need to evaluate the size of a couple of potential niche markets. I have two hobbies that I am very passionate about. Perhaps that is where my success and drive is hiding? Cheers from Canada..." Ty N. --Yes, the courses in the Freedom Club (including the Niche Profit Code) are self-paced and include videos, audio, checklists, maps, and guides. Go at your own pace and if a niche you pick doesn't seem to be working, start over. We have massive s

  • 698 | Cut it out!


    About 5 years ago I got into a movement called Minimalism. I met a couple guys running a very popular blog on the subject, so I checked it out. During my search I found a lot of other blogs about it. Everyone seemed to have taking the concept in a slightly different direction. The extreme was someone that gave all their possessions away except 87 items. All 87 items they could fit in a backpack that they could take at any time to travel the world. One couple got rid of their huge house and mortgage payment and bought a tiny house, so they only kept things in their life that could fit in 200 square feet of space. Some of the blogs were just deliberate about what they kept around them. They didn't want to fall into the trap that Tyler Durden warns against in the movie, the Fight Club: "The things you own end up owning you." There are a lot of different version of Minimalism. I don't think there is one "official" definition for it, so I'll just tell you what I think it is. I consider Minimalism the

  • 697 | You don’t need motivation, you need this instead…


    I'm about to start over... again. After so many years of actually following my own advice and only focusing on ONE business at a time, it's time to finally start the NEXT business. Even after all these years and having one big success behind me, I'm feeling the same thing as you. I feel nervous (what if it doesn't work?) and excited (what if it does and everything changes?) It reminds me of a quote I came up with! "Confidence is built by having the courage to start even without confidence." ~Jeremy Frandsen The first thing we need is courage, not motivation. I take care of the motivation and confidence issue in the Freedom Club. Yep, I'm big on helping you get the mindset stuff right. First you need to gather all your courage and **decide** to take the first 2 steps. **Step 1: Join the Freedom Club. You know you want to or you would unsubscribe right now. You are going to join, might as well gather your courage and do it right now. **Step 2: Start t

  • 696 | Old people are our future


    I recently got an email I wanted to share with you. My comments will follow. Here goes... Valerie writes: "I like your emails and because you are being bold, I applaud you. I can hardly wait to see what the Freedom Club is about. I want self-employment as soon as possible. Keep up the tone of your emails. Just thought you would enjoy some feedback from a 62-year-old lady who doesn't want to live on Social Security or eat cat food when she is even OLDER. By the way, I do think the Internet business crowd pretty much ignores older people -- many of us are fairly tech savvy. I've hesitated to purchase things from online marketers who seem to target only one demographic." ----Thanks for the applause, I'll take it! As I've said before, I love entrepreneurs. All kinds. Young, old, man, woman, makes no difference to me. If you have a desire to create massive value in the world with a freedom business, you're my type of person. I wonder if most of the internet business crowd seems to focus on t

  • 695 | WARNING: Be careful if you’re listening to THIS…


    I just got an email that I'm going to share with you. I think a lot of people feel this way and I want to comment on it. Here is the email and my comments will follow. "Hi Jeremy, I emailed you yesterday about joining (the Freedom Club) after being at my friend's funeral. But now I'm having seconds thoughts. I'm going to be 50 years old I don't have any kind of a business idea and people are telling me I'm too old that online businesses are young man's game. I'm starting to believe in the negative people. Can anyone really do this? Please don't think I'm whining just unsure of myself. Thanks, Bill" --No, not just anyone can do it. That's good and bad news. Here's the good news part. The one thing you need to be able to create a successful freedom business - *you already have* or you wouldn't be on my list, emailing me, wanting to be a part of the Freedom Club. That one thing is the DESIRE to be an entrepreneur. It seems like a simple thing to have, but almost NO ONE has it. Think

  • 694 | Are you in this dangerous, endless loop?


    Yesterday I finished my 3rd watching of the new HBO show, Westworld. I very much love this show. The thing to know about me is I'm a long form story connoisseur, that's a fancy way of saying I am a very picky TV show watcher. I worked in Hollywood and studied screenwriting for about 14 years ending my career as an editor at Warner Brothers. I am one of these snobby artists that was very picky and particular, so I don't just like any TV shows. It's very trendy to say, "I don't watch TV, I don't even have a TV in my house." Well good for you, superstar, I happen to love watching and analyzing *ONLY THE BEST* shows. They have to be really good to get the full treatment... Speaking of good, back to the really good Westworld. Most people still haven't heard about Westworld. It came out a couple months ago and, thankfully, got enough people watching it that it is going to have a second season. The show revolves around a sort of theme park for adults. It's set in the future... Has robots that look ex

  • 693 | An unseen perk of freedom


    Yesterday morning, at 9:30am, I took my youngest daughter to her doctor's appointment. I didn't have to reschedule work or rush from her appointment to work or find someone to cover my shift at a crappy job. We spent the morning together talking about new plans for our life, we went to the appointment and then had lunch together. Being there for my kids at a higher degree is something I'll cherish for the rest of my life. Before I became my own boss I didn't get to be there with them at this level, it was all rush and rush and maybe I'll see you a bit on the weekend, even though we live in the same house. A freedom business allows for quality AND quantity of time with those you love. Thanks freedom business and thanks to my figuring out and understanding the Value Cycle in business, it made my connection to my kids and those I care about look the way I had always dreamed about. Check out the Value Cycle and all the steps needed to start your freedom business for one dollar a day at: http://www.Freed

  • 692 | 24 hour direct access to me?


    I got another email I think might be useful for you. A guy named Neptune wrote in, get ready for some tough love. My comments will be peppered throughout his email using "----" before them. "Hi Jeremy, I live in the Philippines. I know this is an online course but based on my experience I suck at online courses." ----I have to stop you already. It's unlikely you suck at online courses. It's more like you've been through some crappy online courses. I've been through many of them too. They suck. They aren't step by step and most of them are designed to make you have a bunch of questions so you have to buy the teachers other courses. Shady and disgusting, I know. The Freedom Club is actually step by step. You get all 10 courses I've created and updated over the last 13 years. There is nothing else to buy, I gave it all to you. Just follow the Freedom Club plan and you'll be fine. "I usually have questions flooding my brain and that get me stuck before understand the rest of the course." -

  • 691 | This is the biggest milestones to shoot for…


    I love getting success stories and breakthrough stories, even after all these years. Every one of them makes me excited and proud for doing what I do. Success can be just getting yourself started and taking daily action after years of being crippled with doubt. Success goes all the way from taking that first action all the way to the freedom destination you have in mind. It's all the steps you actually take. It's making a huge mistake and then fixing it and continuing on. I want to share with you a success breakthrough that I got and I'll comment after: "Breakthrough! I 'finally' took my Top Strength of 'INPUT' (always collecting information) lol and put it to action with Jeremy Frandsen and Jason's 'Writing and Selling Your First eBook in 30 Days or Less!'. I finished and sold my first eBook yesterday. Action, action, action. Thanks IBM for the push! I sold two copies last night, my first day, and even though it's only 2, I'm celebrating each milestone, because before it was nothing. You can't share

  • 690 | No one believes in you…


    When I started on this journey to create a freedom business, no one believed in this freedom business thing. Even my wife (now X wife) didn't believe. She supported my decision to try, barely, but I could see the fear and doubt in her eyes. I became extremely unemployable after reading the book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and I couldn't keep working in my boring, 'one day closer to death' job anymore. The day I gathered the courage to start, I could hardly see straight I was so excited, but I was equally afraid. The fear of failure is HUGE. I didn't have any idea what business I was going to start. I didn't have my niche. I didn't have my avatar. I didn't have a clear plan on how or where to start. I *DID* have a burning desire and I was tired of no one believing in my dream. I believed. The fear was real, but my desire was greater. Back then, I couldn't find anyone teaching step by step instructions on starting a freedom business, this was back in 2004. I did understand I needed instruction, but wha

  • 689 | I think about you in the shower


    First thing I jump in the shower. Then I write. Today, in the shower, I started thinking of the fundamentals of my life right now. I'm working on my health, so I planned the day based on what I call my core 4. Nutrition Movement Sleep Emotional States I have spent years studying these 4 categories and I have very specific rules in each. Everyday I mentally plan my day based on them. As I finished planning my day based on my core 4 I thought about you and your dream to start a freedom business. You have a core too and it's exactly what we focus on in the Freedom Club. Your Core 3: You Audience Connecting with your Audience That's it. Those are the fundamentals for a beginner in that order. That is how I designed the Freedom Club, Phase One. Get the details and start now: Jeremy Frandsen World Leader in Freedom Business Education

  • 688 | 2 good things about Pat Flynn and one bad thing…


    I first met Pat Flynn in 2009 when I moved down to San Diego to live on the beach. I mentioned I was moving down there in our Academy forums, (it's the older version of the Freedom Club Facebook Mastermind Group.) I put together a San Diego LIVE meet up and that is where I first met Pat. He had just started my course and was very excited. I didn't notice anything different about him in that first meeting, but I ended up getting to know him very well over the next 18 months. During that time quite a few things happened. My Academy forum exploded and there was more activity than I could handle. Pat had gone through our course and started helping me respond to the multitude of questions happening in my forum, so I invited him to be a moderator. He agreed. We had lunch not long after that and I found out that he had followed my course advice and had already made $7000. We talked about his business and I gave him 2 pieces of advice, as a test. About a month later I started a mastermind group for t

  • 687 | The *real* desire behind the dream…


    When I started my entrepreneurial journey, my desire was quite simple. I wanted to work from a home office so I could actually be a part of my family’s lives, instead of a haggard figure they might see as I leave early in the morning or as I come home right before they go to bed. I had no grand visions of a monster-sized house, stacks of cash, exotic cars, a jet, a butler, or a hot tub full of models (YET). Back in those days (2004) I only needed about $2500 a month to cover expenses and would get my desire! (Though it might as well have been a million dollars as I didn’t know how to get the money to cover expenses.) I had a small house, a wife, and 2 very young daughters, so the stakes were high, but my expenses were not. I wasn’t even to a point of dreaming about a million dollars. That wasn’t the goal in the beginning. It so wasn’t in my vision that I didn’t even notice when it happened, I was busy working my mission and enjoying my family. That was over 13 years ago and I’ve refined my dr

  • 686 | Bar hopping with Tim Ferriss


    Not long ago I flew into San Francisco to mastermind with some heavy hitters. The group consisted of John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire, Greg Hickman from Mobile Mixed, And Rick Mulready from the Art of Paid Traffic (and our Facebook Ads guru) We rented a beautiful, modern, SanFran house next to some famous park (whose name I can't remember for the life of me) for a few days and got right to masterminding. Each person would get a turn presenting a problem we were having in our businesses and everyone else would talk about all the different solutions they could think up to fix the problem. Then, each person would share tips, secret resources, and big breakthroughs so we could all benefit from them. This went on all of the first day and then the evening was time to 'party' mastermind with a bunch of internet business people who live in San Francisco. There are a lot... The late, great Scott Dinsmore of Live Your Legend and Andrew Warner of Mixergy and a handful of other well-known infl

  • 685 | The answers you’ve been waiting for…


    I recently asked my future Freedom Club members, why they didn't buy when I opened the doors to freedom paradise. I got a lot of questions, many of them the same, so I'm going to group them and answer them here. I'm going to be a little briefer as I have to get my chickens all taken care of before the big storm that is supposed to hit this afternoon. (In case you didn't know, I bought a 2 acre Gentleman's Farm in a beautiful, secret valley about a year ago. It was just one of the things I wanted to try, I really enjoy it. Thanks freedom business!) Anyways, let's get to the questions. My comments will follow. ********* "I would have joined the Freedom Club, but I didn't have the money." --Well ya, that can be a problem. I find that most people don't have money problems, they have priority problems. If starting a freedom business isn't a priority, it'll always be pushed back to the "maybe someday" category. When I started I sold my car so my wife and I shared a car. I moved from expensive Los

  • 684 | Are you just waiting to die?


    I woke up this morning excited and out of my mind with joy. I couldn't wait to get up and write to you. I have a deep affinity for entrepreneurs and people that have the desire to be entrepreneurs. That's you or you wouldn't be seeing these words... Anyways, waking up like this wasn't always so joyous. Back in 2003, right before I started my entrepreneurial journey, I would wake up on a Sunday morning and for a few moments, I'd feel, at best, relief. Relief that it was Sunday and that I didn't have to go to work. Then I'd think of going back to work on Monday and dread would start to fill my mind. I'd do all I could to push the feeling of dread out of my mind. By Sunday night I'd have full on "Sunday Evening Dread". Most of my "days off" would be fighting off the feeling of dread or fully encased in it. That happened for YEARS. I heard a quote that escalated my dread to exasperation. This quote and my 3 "fake" heart attacks shocked me awake. Here it is: "Most people are just waiting to di

  • 683 | What will you do with your new found freedom?


    I get asked, from time to time, what's the first thing I did when I started to feel successful. I have to admit, what I did was pretty cliché. It's so cliché that most internet "gurus" point to it in their free content or their ads. You've seen the ad, pretty girl sitting on the beach with a laptop or a young guy sitting in a beach chair, with a laptop and an umbrella drink... It's so cliché that when I ask people this question, "what will you do with your new found freedom?", 48.754% of them say the first thing I did… No, it wasn't, "go to Disneyland". I'm a grown man, after all. Alright, so what is it? "Live on the beach." Yep, I moved to the beach. Funny thing is, I didn't originally feel successful because of money. My first million came and went and I didn't even notice. I know that sounds stupid and unrealistic, but I was totally engaged in my business. I enjoyed the "work" I was doing and I just got in the habit of doing it. That wasn't the thing that triggered me to be cliché. At th

  • 682 | Become your own drug dealer


    This morning I was reading a fascinating book about being able to manipulate the naturally occurring drugs in your brain. You've probably heard of these happiness drugs, like dopamine, endorphin, oxytocin, and serotonin. Dopamine produces the joy of finding the rewards you seek. Endorphin produces the oblivion that masks pain. Serotonin produces the feeling of being respected by others - pride. Oxytocin produces the comfort of social alliances. What's awesome is that the PHD that wrote this books says you can consciously take specific actions to make these drugs release getting a certain level of the feeling they produce. Most people don't understand these drugs and how important they are, which leads them to taking actions that could hurt them in the long run, just so they can trigger these drugs. To trigger these drugs many people use alcohol, food, money, "illegal" and legal drugs, sex and other risky behavior. If we understand these brain drugs instead, we could learn to trigger them with the ac

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