About 5 years ago I got into a movement called Minimalism. I met a couple guys running a very popular blog on the subject, so I checked it out. During my search I found a lot of other blogs about it. Everyone seemed to have taking the concept in a slightly different direction. The extreme was someone that gave all their possessions away except 87 items. All 87 items they could fit in a backpack that they could take at any time to travel the world. One couple got rid of their huge house and mortgage payment and bought a tiny house, so they only kept things in their life that could fit in 200 square feet of space. Some of the blogs were just deliberate about what they kept around them. They didn't want to fall into the trap that Tyler Durden warns against in the movie, the Fight Club: "The things you own end up owning you." There are a lot of different version of Minimalism. I don't think there is one "official" definition for it, so I'll just tell you what I think it is. I consider Minimalism the