This morning I was reading a fascinating book about being able to manipulate the naturally occurring drugs in your brain. You've probably heard of these happiness drugs, like dopamine, endorphin, oxytocin, and serotonin. Dopamine produces the joy of finding the rewards you seek. Endorphin produces the oblivion that masks pain. Serotonin produces the feeling of being respected by others - pride. Oxytocin produces the comfort of social alliances. What's awesome is that the PHD that wrote this books says you can consciously take specific actions to make these drugs release getting a certain level of the feeling they produce. Most people don't understand these drugs and how important they are, which leads them to taking actions that could hurt them in the long run, just so they can trigger these drugs. To trigger these drugs many people use alcohol, food, money, "illegal" and legal drugs, sex and other risky behavior. If we understand these brain drugs instead, we could learn to trigger them with the ac