When I started on this journey to create a freedom business, no one believed in this freedom business thing. Even my wife (now X wife) didn't believe. She supported my decision to try, barely, but I could see the fear and doubt in her eyes. I became extremely unemployable after reading the book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and I couldn't keep working in my boring, 'one day closer to death' job anymore. The day I gathered the courage to start, I could hardly see straight I was so excited, but I was equally afraid. The fear of failure is HUGE. I didn't have any idea what business I was going to start. I didn't have my niche. I didn't have my avatar. I didn't have a clear plan on how or where to start. I *DID* have a burning desire and I was tired of no one believing in my dream. I believed. The fear was real, but my desire was greater. Back then, I couldn't find anyone teaching step by step instructions on starting a freedom business, this was back in 2004. I did understand I needed instruction, but wha