Yesterday I finished my 3rd watching of the new HBO show, Westworld. I very much love this show. The thing to know about me is I'm a long form story connoisseur, that's a fancy way of saying I am a very picky TV show watcher. I worked in Hollywood and studied screenwriting for about 14 years ending my career as an editor at Warner Brothers. I am one of these snobby artists that was very picky and particular, so I don't just like any TV shows. It's very trendy to say, "I don't watch TV, I don't even have a TV in my house." Well good for you, superstar, I happen to love watching and analyzing *ONLY THE BEST* shows. They have to be really good to get the full treatment... Speaking of good, back to the really good Westworld. Most people still haven't heard about Westworld. It came out a couple months ago and, thankfully, got enough people watching it that it is going to have a second season. The show revolves around a sort of theme park for adults. It's set in the future... Has robots that look ex