I recently asked my future Freedom Club members, why they didn't buy when I opened the doors to freedom paradise. I got a lot of questions, many of them the same, so I'm going to group them and answer them here. I'm going to be a little briefer as I have to get my chickens all taken care of before the big storm that is supposed to hit this afternoon. (In case you didn't know, I bought a 2 acre Gentleman's Farm in a beautiful, secret valley about a year ago. It was just one of the things I wanted to try, I really enjoy it. Thanks freedom business!) Anyways, let's get to the questions. My comments will follow. ********* "I would have joined the Freedom Club, but I didn't have the money." --Well ya, that can be a problem. I find that most people don't have money problems, they have priority problems. If starting a freedom business isn't a priority, it'll always be pushed back to the "maybe someday" category. When I started I sold my car so my wife and I shared a car. I moved from expensive Los