I'm about to start over... again. After so many years of actually following my own advice and only focusing on ONE business at a time, it's time to finally start the NEXT business. Even after all these years and having one big success behind me, I'm feeling the same thing as you. I feel nervous (what if it doesn't work?) and excited (what if it does and everything changes?) It reminds me of a quote I came up with! "Confidence is built by having the courage to start even without confidence." ~Jeremy Frandsen The first thing we need is courage, not motivation. I take care of the motivation and confidence issue in the Freedom Club. Yep, I'm big on helping you get the mindset stuff right. First you need to gather all your courage and **decide** to take the first 2 steps. **Step 1: Join the Freedom Club. You know you want to or you would unsubscribe right now. You are going to join, might as well gather your courage and do it right now. **Step 2: Start t