I got another email I think might be useful for you. A guy named Neptune wrote in, get ready for some tough love. My comments will be peppered throughout his email using "----" before them. "Hi Jeremy, I live in the Philippines. I know this is an online course but based on my experience I suck at online courses." ----I have to stop you already. It's unlikely you suck at online courses. It's more like you've been through some crappy online courses. I've been through many of them too. They suck. They aren't step by step and most of them are designed to make you have a bunch of questions so you have to buy the teachers other courses. Shady and disgusting, I know. The Freedom Club is actually step by step. You get all 10 courses I've created and updated over the last 13 years. There is nothing else to buy, I gave it all to you. Just follow the Freedom Club plan and you'll be fine. "I usually have questions flooding my brain and that get me stuck before understand the rest of the course." -