Yesterday morning, at 9:30am, I took my youngest daughter to her doctor's appointment. I didn't have to reschedule work or rush from her appointment to work or find someone to cover my shift at a crappy job. We spent the morning together talking about new plans for our life, we went to the appointment and then had lunch together. Being there for my kids at a higher degree is something I'll cherish for the rest of my life. Before I became my own boss I didn't get to be there with them at this level, it was all rush and rush and maybe I'll see you a bit on the weekend, even though we live in the same house. A freedom business allows for quality AND quantity of time with those you love. Thanks freedom business and thanks to my figuring out and understanding the Value Cycle in business, it made my connection to my kids and those I care about look the way I had always dreamed about. Check out the Value Cycle and all the steps needed to start your freedom business for one dollar a day at: http://www.Freed