I recently got an email I wanted to share with you. My comments will follow. Here goes... Valerie writes: "I like your emails and because you are being bold, I applaud you. I can hardly wait to see what the Freedom Club is about. I want self-employment as soon as possible. Keep up the tone of your emails. Just thought you would enjoy some feedback from a 62-year-old lady who doesn't want to live on Social Security or eat cat food when she is even OLDER. By the way, I do think the Internet business crowd pretty much ignores older people -- many of us are fairly tech savvy. I've hesitated to purchase things from online marketers who seem to target only one demographic." ----Thanks for the applause, I'll take it! As I've said before, I love entrepreneurs. All kinds. Young, old, man, woman, makes no difference to me. If you have a desire to create massive value in the world with a freedom business, you're my type of person. I wonder if most of the internet business crowd seems to focus on t