Intelligent Medicine

Restoring Your Natural Energy Production, Part 1



Much of the quality of our lives as we grow older comes down to the health of the cellular membranes in our bodies, which protect us from a host of things in our environment – some of which we can attempt to control, but many more that we can’t. Our cellular membranes also change naturally as we age. But there is a way we can help maintain the youthful qualities of our cellular membranes, even with advanced age. Dr. Garth Nicolson, Research Advisor for Nutritional Therapeutics, makers of NTFactor, details the latest cutting-edge research on Lipid Replacement Therapy. It restores the structure and function of cellular membranes, with support for improved energy, pain management, fatigue, cognitive decline, and other symptoms of aging. And new research indicates it can even help mobilize chemical toxins.