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Why Introverts at Work Are an Incredibly Valuable Asset



Introverts at WorkAre the introverts at work people who are outside your inner circle? The ones you quietly let do their work like Old Faithful? Or are the introverts at work the hidden powerhouses and secret weapons on your team? Steve Friedman, a self-proclaimed introvert and author of In Search of Courage: An Introvert’s Story, helps us explore these paths and pulls back the curtain on the myths and stereotypes surrounding introverts. What You’ll Discover About Introverts at Work (highlights & transcript): (HIGHLIGHTSCLICK HERE FOR AUDIO TRANSCRIPT) * What it means to be an introvert at work [01:17] * The 5 phases of introversion [04:20] * How to know if you’re one of the introverts at work [07:34] * Biggest myth about introverts at work [09:34] * How introverts at work can get the recognition they deserve [10:46] * What is often misunderstood about introverts at work [13:40] * What introverts at work can do to bust common stereoty