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How to Really Improve Data-Backed Decisions in Your Business



Data-Backed DecisionsData-backed decisions have an air of authority and legitimacy about them that shooting from the hip definitely does not. But today’s guest, Ruben Ugarte, author of Data Mirage, says too many companies fail to use their data properly. Is this happening in your organization? What You’ll Discover About Data-Backed Decisions (highlights & transcript): (HIGHLIGHTSCLICK HERE FOR AUDIO TRANSCRIPT) * How to be more strategic in collecting data for data-backed decisions [01:31] * Best way to think about data to improve data-backed decisions – a framework [02:37] * How KPIs can be misleading [04:30] * 3 Common problems that thwart data-backed decisions [05:56] * What small business owners need to consider to improve data-backed decisions [08:35] * What The Data Mirage teaches about data-backed decision making [11:31] * How small business owners can get more disciplined and focused in their data-backed decisions [13:13] * How to trust your d