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Andrew Child - Better Off Dead



In this episode, Andrew Child, also known as Andrew Grant, chatted with us to discuss his new book Better Off Dead. This new thriller was co-written by Andrew Child and Lee Child. To get the latest on Andrew Child, check him out on Twitter Purchase Signed Copies of Better Off Dead More Books By Andrew Child and Lee Child Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter About Better Off Dead: Jack Reacher is back in a brand-new page-turning thriller from acclaimed #1 bestselling authors Lee Child and Andrew Child. Digging graves had not been part of my plans when I woke up that morning. Reacher goes where he wants, when he wants. That morning he was heading west, walking under the merciless desert sun—until he comes upon a curious scene. A Jeep has crashed into the only tree for miles around. A woman is slumped over the wheel. Dead? No, nothing is what it seems. The woman is Michaela Fenton, an army veteran turned FBI agent trying to find her twin brother, who might be mixed up with some dangerous people. Most of