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A Smart Way to Reconsider the Value of Your Office Workplace Post-Covid



OFFICE WORKPLACE POST-COVIDHow do you re-evaluate the value of your office workplace post-covid when the world for office workers has changed dramatically and working remotely has become common place? Today’s guest, real estate expert Chris Kane, has some powerful ideas about how to reimagine the workplace for the future . . . oh wait . . . the future is NOW. What You’ll Discover About the Office Workplac Post-Covid (highlights & transcript): (HIGHLIGHTSCLICK HERE FOR AUDIO TRANSCRIPT) * The utility of the office workplace post-Covid [01:12] * How technology changed the office workplace [04:50] * The key question to ask about the role of a physical office workplace post-Covid [06:69] * Factors to consider in evaluating the office workplace post-Covid [08:00] * How the office workplace post-Covid impacts the War for Talent [11:10] * How to make workplaces more fit for 21st century workers [16:04] * The commercial real estate’s dirty secre