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How To Use Spirituality To Achieve Your Highest Potential w/Erwin McManus EP 1165



Today’s guest is Erwin McManus. He’s a best-selling author, entrepreneur, fashion designer, filmmaker and founder of Mosaic, a church movement based in the heart of Hollywood with a community that spans the globe. He has committed his life to the study of genius and the pursuit of God, never knowing that the two worlds would one day collide. And he’s written a new book called The Genius of Jesus: The Man Who Changed Everything. This episode was so powerful for me that I wanted to split it up into two separate episodes. Part 2 will be out later this week!In this episode we discuss How we are all born geniuses, but most of us grow out of it in adulthood, how to cultivate our fullest potential in life, why empathy is the highest form of intelligence, how to fully love ourselves unconditionally, the difference between faith and belief and so much more!Sign up for the Greatness Challenge: Erwin's new book: more go to:'s previo