It's Erik Nagel

Ep 289: Biggie S'mores



'IT'S ERIK NAGEL'  Quarantine Edition / Intro SEGMENT 01 [01:11] [QUARANTINE SHOW] Haircuts and beer. LA update. The myth around MSG. Opening phases from quarantine. No one cares about open container laws. Trevor's NYC update. Covid antibody testing. Shake Shack didn't attempt to poison NYC police. SEGMENT 02 [1:15:04] Movie theaters reopening. Movie updates. JOA Zack Snyder trailer. Xia waits on Thomas Jayne. Video game updates. TV/Streaming updates. HEAR 'IT'S ERIK NAGEL' ON: IHEARTRADIO | SPOTIFY | APPLE PODCASTS | GOOGLE PODCAST | STITCHER | PANDORA | YOUTUBE FOLLOW 'IT'S ERIK NAGEL': TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | WEBSITE