It's Erik Nagel

Ep 296: That's Not A Gazebo



'IT'S ERIK NAGEL'  Quarantine Edition / Intro SEGMENT 01 [02:30] [QUARANTINE SHOW] Tropical Storm Isaias. NYC Quarantine check points. Power issues. How Halloween 2020 will work. Trevor grounded on Halloween. Bikes and scooters. People forgot how to drive. Beirut explosion. SEGMENT 02 [1:10:39] Pumpkins. Takies change coloros. Movie updates. 'Kindergarten Cop' ban. TV Reboots. FOLLOW 'IT'S ERIK NAGEL': TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | WEBSITE HEAR 'IT'S ERIK NAGEL' ON: IHEARTRADIO | SPOTIFY | APPLE PODCASTS | GOOGLE PODCAST | YOUTUBE