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What Every Responsible Leader Needs to Know About Pink-Collar Crime



Pink-Collar CrimeCould pink-collar crime be happening in the shadows of your business? Today’s guest, Pink-Collar crime expert Kelly Paxton, says embezzlement and fraud happen everywhere there’s trust. She explain how it happens and goes unnoticed and what you need to do to keep your business safe from pink-collar crime. What You’ll Discover About Pink-Collar Crime:* What pink-collar crime is [01:25] * How common pink-collar crime is in small and midsize businesses [03:06] * The average size of pink-collar crime in small and midsize businesses [03:57] * Pink-collar crime warning signs to be aware of [09:09] * Simple steps businesses can take to prevent pink-collar crime [13:04] * Kelly’s favorite pink-collar crime case [17:36] * And much more. ♥ Share this episode with someone you think will benefit from it. ♥ ♥ Leave a review at ( )♥ Guest: Kelly PaxtonKelly is a (