Authentic Living

Awakening from the Darkness



The collective that is the United States of America is currently experiencing a dark night of the soul—a night so dark that we fear we will never awaken from this nightmare. But like every dark night of the soul, this one has an end, which is a beginning. A beginning of a whole new version of that same collective. The dark night of the soul is meant to root out shadow material, expose it and deal with it appropriately so that we can awaken to a new reality. But we are just now in the darkest part of that dark night—where we can see with our own eyes the deepest, most vile aspects of the collective we have previously believed to be functioning well. Before this dark night we thought we lived in the light—but all the while the shadow was corrupt at its base. But exposing that shadow will bring us to the solid object that is blocking the light. Today we will peer into the darkness to find that block and the light within us. Don’t miss it.