Authentic Living

Letting Go



Just let it go! Don't we hear that all the time? But the problem is that we just can't seem to do that. We can let it go. IT has hold of us. IT controls us, for we think that we have to control IT. Letting go then, turns out to be one of the hardest things we ever do. Surrender sounds like waving a white flag and letting the IT take over. Won't it all just fall apart, our plans, our dreams, our relationships--won't they all just fall apart if we don't stay in control? But all the wise masters tell us that letting go is the key to life, the key to peace, the key to all wisdom, all love. How can we find our true power by letting go of all power? How can we let it go? This show is going to explore the letting go process as an evolutionary stage of existence. Be here NOW.