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How the American Dream Came True for this Entrepreneur



AMERICAN DREAMThe American Dream, the set of ideals that includes upward mobility and the opportunity for prosperity and success can sometimes feel out of reach if you’re a struggling entrepreneur or small business. That’s why on occasion this podcast likes to feature success stories to inspire us. Today’s guest, Adi Redzic, will share some tips on how to stay on track and achieve our OWN American Dream. What You’ll Discover About the American Dream (highlights & transcript): (HIGHLIGHTSCLICK HERE FOR AUDIO TRANSCRIPT) * The decision to find something better [1:49] * The journey to finding the American Dream [3:00] * The personal habits that contribute to success [6:37] * The essence of the entrepreneurial spirit [10:38] * Lessons learned on the road to the American Dream [12:41] * Whether the American Dream is still achievable today [16:51] * And MUCH more. Guest: Adi RedzicAdi Redzic is an award-winning life and executive coach, leader