Milk Of Minutia Podcast

S3.EP1 - Don Jamieson featuring the music of I Will Break Thee



For our Season 3 premiere, we visit with comedian Don Jamieson.  Don's an Emmy award winning writer, stand-up comedian and television personality. He's one of the hosts of That Metal Show on VH1 Classic. Rolling Stone magazine called the show "one of the 50 Best Reasons To Watch TV.” His comedy album “Live and Hilarious” is available on Metal Blade Records. Check out Don's website: | We'll also feature the music of Orlando, FL metal band I Will Break Thee.  I Will Break Thee was created in mid 2009 by Shane Bryant as a solo project. Later that year Shane joined forces with friend and guitarist Justin Lunsford and the two began scultping ideas for the band. The main focus of the band is too have well written, well thought out heavy music. Influences of Lamb Of God, Pantera, and Opeth are quite apparent with heavy groove and flow added into the mix.