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How to Successfully Challenge Authority Without Fear of Retaliation Using Constructive Challenge



Have you ever wanted to challenge an idea during a business meeting and changed your mind because of how your question might be perceived? The ability to ask the right question, at the right time, in the right way is a powerful business leadership skill and you’ll discover how to walk that fine line when host Hanna Hasl-Kelchner welcomes Tracy E. Houston. WHAT YOU'LL DISCOVER ABOUT CONSTRUCTIVE CHALLENGE:What is constructive challenge and how it differs from criticism Why we fear asking difficult questions How asking the right questions makes you a more effective business leader How to reframe the conversation as a inquiry instead of an inquisition And more GUEST:  Tracy E. Houston is a boardroom consultant, executive coach, and President of (Board Resource Services LLC).  Tracy takes her boardroom background, along with her shrewd insights into the politics of leadership and the competitive pressures of today's global marketplace, and wraps it up in a “can-do,” roll-up-y