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Twin Stars Book Two, Episode Six (206) - Valkyrie



Twin Stars: Book 2, Episode 6 – ValkyrieWritten and Produced by Robyn PatersonReturning to Sir Fawn’s Factory on Polychrome, Tysen, Esther and Doctor Rossum find the planet under siege by an Imperial Battlegroup. But when they follow a mysterious signal they find the battlegroup may be the least of anyone's worries.Starring:Greg Nugent  as Albert Tysen Tegan Harris as EstherQuinten Boyd as Keith UlsteadAlexa Chipman as VaelaGwendolyn Jensen-Woodard as SkadiRuss Gold as Commodore MilgrenMichael Hudson as Director BernardDavid Ault as Sir Fawn Kakkun as Officer 1Scott C. Wentworth as Officer 2With Ty Konzak as Professor RossumOpening Music: Beyond Infinity by Peter ChenClosing Music: Victorious Day by Maestro RageAdditional Music:Celestial Aeon Project (http://www.mikseri.net/artists/?id=48147)09- Straight Into AmbushWorld of IceThralls ThemeThey Came from NowhereProcessionHold the LineHymn of the SkyBurn them DownRememberanceKevin McLeod (Incomptech.com)Western StreetsColossusWe Got TroubleChopin- Waltz 20Chop