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Twin Stars- Book Two, Episode Ten (210)- Showdown, Part 2



Twin Stars: Book 2, Episode 10  – Showdown (Part 2)Written and Produced by Robyn PatersonPing-An’s forces fight for survival under the relentless onslaught of the Pacification Fleet- the last line of defence for the inhabitants of the helpless Hannah’s World.Starring:Ping-An- Melissa D. JohnsonBetsey- Niko FordTomlin- Nick PatrellaCmdr. Vasquez- Justin CharlesLt. Harrison- Andy WelchSquire Yuki- Tisch "TC" ParmeleeKetch- Steve RiekebergRuth- Tomoyo IchijoujiHassan- Daniel WhitelawDavis- Althea AseocheJerry- Andrew BuckleyDan- RebelcheeseCaptain Argus- Gareth BowleyCaptain Halifax- Mackenzie HaaOpening Music: Beyond Infinity by Peter ChenClosing Music: Victorious Day by Maestro RageAdditional Music:9.    Main Theme (Kevin McCleod)10.  Caverns (Celestial Aeon Project)11.  Dragon and Toast (Kevin McCleod)12.  Power Restored     (Kevin McCleod)13.  Weight of Responsibility (Kevin McCleod)14.  Epic Unease (Kevin McCleod)16.  Western Streets (Kevin McCleod)17. Through the Dark Portal (Celestial Aeon Project)19. Bur