Kung Fu Action Theatre

KFATales Ep03- The Paper Dragon Breathes Fire



Hi everyone and welcome to the third episode of Kung Fu Action Tales, I’m your host Rob Paterson and I’m here to take you on a journey into the realms of Aisa that might have been or never were. This week we’re experiencing a new realm in Asian adventure stories courtesy of author Winnie Kaw, who has kindly offered one her stories for our listening pleasure. Winnie herself is a developing writer at the age of twenty-one, but hardly an inexperienced one, having had one of her original plays performed at an awards show while still in high school and having been accepted into the Orange County Playwright’s Alliance in 2008 for her adaptations of the Chinese classics The Love of the White Snake and The Butterfly Lovers. She also presented an original Chinese Fantasy Novella in 2009 at a California Honors Symposium held at Stanford University- not bad at all! I think we can expect to hear her name a lot more in the future as well, as she’s currently a junior creative writing major at Chapman University. Winnie’s