Kung Fu Action Theatre

KFATales Episode 6- Little Warriors Without Swords



Hello all! Miss me? What do you mean who am I? Has it been so long? Hmm, yeah, I guess it has, hasn’t it? I’m Rob, and I bid you welcome to the sixth episode of Kung Fu Action Tales! Yep, we’re still here, and despite problems personal, professional, technical and supernatural this podcast is not yet dead! Well, maybe not supernatural, but you get the idea. It’s been a long couple months! Before we get on with tonight’s reading, I wanted to go over a few things. First, this podcast isn’t dead, but will be a little intermittent because with the exception of tonight it’s pretty much turned into a one-man writing show, and in addition to paying the bills this one man is a bit busy writing. More on that in a moment. This episode the charming and talented Fiona Thraille has reached into her bottomless magical bag of talents and produced a fun young adult story set in old China called The Little Warriors Without Swords. Fiona, as anyone who listens to KFAT knows, is the voice behind many of KFAT’s most memorable a