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Yīn Yīn



Listening to Yīn Yīn, you might expect the band to hail from the country from which their main source of inspiration is derived: Thailand. Instead, the quartet were surprisingly born and bred in the city of Maastricht in the Netherlands. That doesn’t stop them from skillfully employing their twist on 1960s psychedelia from South East Asia, alongside a long list of other inspirations including disco, rock, dub, funk, and western. Troy Nelson delves into the importance of recognizing the thin line between cultural appropriation versus appreciation while pointing out how artists like Yin Yin, the Beatles, Khruangbin, and Kamasi Washington have sincerely integrated different cultural reference points into their music. HAW PIN! This expression of unity is posted everywhere in Maastricht during the ongoing pandemic. Recorded 12/07/2019. Pingpxng One Inch Punch Chông ky Dis̄ Kô Dis̄ Kô Support the show: See for privacy information.