Beyond The Handle

Episode Seven - @blgrieb



Episode Seven features Brian Grieb, or @blgrieb on Twitter! Brian lives in San Francisco, CA and is a huge Winnipeg Jets fan, and a regular contributor to Winnipeg's social media community, even though he's never actually been to Winnipeg. Brian also has a special connection to Winnipeg stemming from a specific moment in his life when people from our city reached out to him and his son in a time of need. He's a huge Winnipeg Jets fan, and one day we hope he'll make it up to the city to see a game, and to meet us all in person. And we promise that we'll have an extra warm coat ready for you when you get here, Brian! :) This week's song was 'She's Alright' by WJLP, from Rotterdam, Holland. Go and listen to them here: Beyond The Handle is a Podcast that focuses on members of Winnipeg's Twitter community. If you have any interest in participating with the show, please reach out to us at Subscribe to the show on iTunes and Stitcher now! Just search for Beyon