Beyond The Handle

Episode 9 - @GameTimeArt @GameTimeSmark



Episode 9 features Art Middleton! He's known as @GameTimeArt on Twitter for his everyday commentary, and @GameTimeSmark for his pro-wrestling commentary. We talk hockey, Edmonton vs. Winnipeg, gaming, and WRESTLEMANIA 31!!! Come and check the interview out now. It was a good time! Please support "Extra Life", which is a 24 hour gaming marathon that raises money for the Children's Miracle Network. Art's goal is to raise $1000 this year! The website to donate is This week's song was 'Wail' by The New Wild, from right here in Winnipeg, MB! Go and listen to them here: Beyond The Handle is a Podcast that focuses on members of Winnipeg's Twitter community. If you have any interest in participating with the show, please reach out to us at Subscribe to the show on iTunes and Stitcher now! Just search for Beyond The Handle and it'll pop right up there for you. Nice and easy! You can follow Beyo