Beyond The Handle

Episode 12 - @EnchantedPlr



Episode 12 features Louise Valcourt. Louise can be found on Twitter using the handle @EnchantedPlr, and you can also check her out over at We discussed goth culture, tarot cards, oracle cards, and GUNS N ROSES (!!!), amongst other topics. Louise was also kind enough to give me a Tarot reading on the air, and also did a reading for next year's Winnipeg Jets season! What does the future hold for the Jets and for me? Come and listen to the show to find out! You can also check out Louise's YouTube page. Just search for The Enchanted Parlour on YouTube and it will pop up there for you. If you live in the Winnipeg area, you can book an in person reading with Louise at Radiance Gifts, located at 7-875 Corydon Avenue. Please call the shop to book a reading at 204-284-4231. Louise currently reads on Sundays 12:30 - 5pm. You can also contact Louise at to book a Tarot Party reading. The featured song this week is a track called Accident by Son Of A Gun from Ch