Beyond The Handle

Episode 17 - @Barukka



Episode 17 features Uliana Kapty, also known as @Barukka on Twitter! We chat about the origins of her Twitter handle, growing up in a Ukrainian family, playing floor hockey, the story of how she met her significant other, and breast cancer awareness. It was a fun conversation, and you should give it a listen NOW! There are numerous sites that you can visit to get more information on Breast Cancer Awareness in Canada. Check out or for more information, or contact Uli for additional information. The featured song this week is a track called Saturday by The Surprise Party, from right here in Winnipeg, MB! You can find their music over at If you have any interest in participating with the show, please reach out to us at Subscribe to the show on iTunes and Stitcher now! You can follow Beyond The Handle on Twitter @beyondthehandle. Beyond The Handle is part of the Garbage Hill Network, which features great local Podcas