Beyond The Handle

Episode 23 - @impeltheatre



Episode 23 features Kendra Jones, known as @impeltheatre on Twitter! Kendra is heavily involved in theatre, as a director, producer, and teacher, within the City Of Winnipeg. We talk about her theatre education and career, which has lead to many interesting travels and opportunities. We also talk about Kendra's experience as a #technowife, as well as her love for the City Of Detroit. Plus, we talk about the year Kendra spent living and studying in the UK. It was a lot of fun to do the interview, so come and CHECK IT OUT! Kendra is involved in numerous productions during this year's Fringe Festival: - Clink, taking place at Venue #11 Red River College - Roblin Centre. - Sea Wall, taking place at Venue #27 Rudolf Rocker Cultural Centre. - pop:ART Project Vapour, taking place on July 19th in the alley at Artspace. Head over to for details on Kendra's shows, as well as all of the other shows at this year's Fringe Festival! The featured song this week is a track called Duck Dive Shark At