The Quantum Communicator

A Talk With the "Energy Reader," John Sherry



Energy is the life force of the Universe. It builds, fuses, expands, connects, and creates everything from life to death, love to opportunity. And it's that phenomenal power John Sherry, The Energy Reader, has the ability to link to. As we are living balls of energy in human form he can connect to each person's individual energy to define its form and message. John Sherry is The Energy Reader - a man who can see your energy and know what it's saying to the world. From childhood when spirits appeared with messages to the future through working in the sports industry for 2 decades plus being a spiritual medium and life coach to enhance his bond with energy, John offers something on this planet no-one else does, or can.  Having filmed for the BBC and  being BBC Radio's Mr Inspiration today he brings his energy so that you can discover yours! Be sure to join us for a fantastic interview and learn more about what energy is to you and how it can enhance your life in ways you'd never imagine! Learn more about